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Public space

Providing lighting for the public space is where we truly shine. The space where urban planners, city and landscape architects, lighting designers, consultants, municipalities, real estate companies and property developers are working every day to make improvements.

Industrielicht can contribute with innovative and attractive lighting solutions and street furniture. We provide high-quality design lighting columns/structures with luminaires and street furniture that also compliment public spaces during the day. Functional luminaires and lighting columns to provide the best light at night wherever it is needed in residential areas, on squares, in city centres, on motorways, on cycle paths and footpaths, subways and in tunnels.

Industrielicht also collaborates with partners who have perfect spotlights and LED solutions for lighting buildings, windmills, churches, trees, subways and art objects. With the right lighting design, these prominent objects can be a valuable addition to streets at night. In today’s lighting market, innovation is key. With our experienced staff and business office, we are able to offer you a suitable lighting solution with lighting designs that are in accordance with the code of conduct of the NsVV. Also, when it comes to SMART LIGHTING or SMART CITIES, together with our partners, we can offer a suitable solution that goes beyond simply supplying components.

By applying lighting and street furniture with a high level of functional design, Industrielicht can even realise a complete concept for all urban, office and leisure spaces.

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